Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Running Bull - Sioux

Running Bull

Running Bull - TaTankakinyanke- was born about 1825 in the Yankton Sioux Indian Tribe.  The Yankton Sioux Tribe was located in South Dakota at the time.   His wife was Pejutawin-Medicine Woman, born about 1858 in South Dakota. He had a daughter and her name was Minnie KiKteWin Running Bull born about 1882 in South Dakota. He had two sons, one ticaKdeWakuwa, born about 1884 in South Dakota, died about 1887 in South Dakota, and Hoksina, born 1888 in South Dakota, died about 1890 in South Dakota.

Minnie Running Bull, Running Bull's daughter,  married an immigrant from Syria named George Abdalla.

Running Bull may have been Struck by the Ree's son and he was one of the chiefs headmen.

One of the reasons not much is heard about him is that after 1890 (Struck by the Ree d. 1889) the government abolished the chief system. The divisions of Sioux attempted to acknowledge their leaders but the government refused to do so.
1892 – Sale of Reservation

Running Bull was one of the Yankton tribal members who approved the sale of reservation land in 1892.

Christian - Catholic

He was baptized by Father DeSmet.